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    July 11, 2013
    5:00 - 5:31pm PDT  

there's what we heard today and so far the indications are moving away from problems with the airplane. ntsb investigators have completed a preliminary analysis of the flight data reporter and cockpit voice recorder. the data indicates all systems were go for what should have been a routine landing. >> the engines and the flight control services appeared to be responding as expected to control input. there is no anomalous behavior of the autopilot, of the flight director and of the auto throttle based on the fdr data reviewed to date. >> reporter: ntsb chair deborah hersman also said the pilots were aware the plane was not following a smooth and consistent descent into sfo according to the cockpit voice recorder. >> during the approach there
were statements made in the cockpit, first, about being above the glide path, then about being on the glide path, and then later in the reporting about being below the glide path. >> reporter: but she said the pilot's first comments about air speed did not come until the plane was almost on the ground. >> there is no mention of speed until about 9 seconds before impact when they're at 100 feet. about 5 seconds later, and about three seconds before impact, there is a call for a go-around. there is a second call for a go- around at 1.5 seconds prior to impact. and this call is made by a different crew member. >> reporter: the ntsb began clearing the runway of debris saving the pieces they want for further analysis. they will cut up and store the
remainder of the plane's fuselage. investigators noted the boeing 777's landing gear broke off as designed to soften the impact of the crash-landing. and hersman says the post crash fire was caused by an oil leak from the plane's massive engine but a potentially more disastrous fire was avoided. >> the fuel tanks were not breached. and this is important because when coupled with that frangible landing gear performing as designed, we don't see a fuel-fed fire. >> reporter: the ntsb says an investigation like this one normally takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete. but if they do find anything that came up in their investigation that the airlines or the flying public needs to know about, they will issue recommendations. reporting live in south san francisco, len ramirez, kpix 5. bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi and jackie speier will tour the crash site this evening. san francisco police and fire representatives will be joining them. meantime, nearly a week
after the crash, some of the crew has returned home. six of the flight attendants flew back to korea overnight. six others are still in the hospital including three who were thrown from the back of the plane. the crew is being praised for pushing the evacuation after the captain first told them to hold off. tonight we'll hear more stories of the extraordinary actions that saved lives in the moments after the crash. >> i didn't think about the danger. i was more worried about the people inside because, you know, if i didn't get them out, then nobody else was going to get them. >> you will hear more from the heroes of flight 214 in our special presentation tonight right here on kpix 5 at 7:00. the father of a missing oakland toddler is now in custody for child endangerment. officials searched for the child in the water near the oakland airport looking for clues in the disappearance of 21-month-old daphne webb. mark sayre tells us questions
now surround the original story that the father told police. mark. reporter: allen, that is the central focus of all this. we just received an update from oakland police. they say the search is very much continuing at full speed as it has been all day today. they are busy canvassing the area where the girl was last seen. they have handed out flyers and there's a special focus on this waterfront park. an alameda county sheriff's department search-and-rescue boat entered the martin luther king regional shoreline just about 3:00 this afternoon with a dog on board. detectives are looking for any sign of 21-month-old daphne webb. and there is a very specific reason searchers are here. >> that's an area where the father and child used to frequent. so we want to make sure that we're very thorough and search that area not only for witnesses or any evidence that may lead us in a direction during this investigation. >> reporter: daphne webb was reported kidnapped from the family's ford suv just before
11 a.m. on wednesday when her father ran into this market at 79th and international in east oakland for a brief stop. daphne was reportedly left inside the suv with her father john webb's 87-year-old mother who has dementia. overnight, police arrested john webb on child endangerment charges. >> so there are some safety concerns. >> reporter: also overnight, oakland police obtained a search warrant for the apartment where daphne lived with her father. >> police will not reveal the custody status of the child but say the girl's mother has been cooperative. >> again, the primary focus is we're still treating this case as a missing persons and kidnapping case. >> reporter: and oakland police tonight plan to fly this park at low tide with their helicopter. what they're trying to do is map any of the areas that the search boats today could not get to. we are told both oakland police using an underwater scanner, the alameda county sheriff's department and coast guard
participated in the search. they are also very much looking for surveillance video in the hour or so leading up to this reported kidnapping to try to document a father and daughter were together in the vehicle where they were. so they are still looking for any investigative lead. this is still very much an active search. back to you. >> thank you, mark sayre. we can also tell you oakland police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the location of the missing child. another embarrassing twist for the america's cup races today. new safety regulations for the sailboat rudder wings were shot down by a jury. that ruling goes against the regatta director saying he has no authority to impose the changes. the new zealand and italian sailing teams claim victory after filing the regulation protest. >> the announcement is -- it is what it is. i'm disappointed that we still have some issues to resolve. >> the coast guard will need to approve the regulation changes.
but for now, sailing will continue as planned. meanwhile, italy's luna rosa team made its first appearance today in the races. coming up at 6:00, how today's ruling affects whether swedish artemis team will sail in a few weeks. a twist in a decades old murder. the new evidence linking the man claiming to be the boston strangler to the killing. >> the prosecution asks for a lesser charge in the george zimmerman murder trial. the heated response from the other side. >> did you feel it outside today? much cooler especially away from the water. not even 90 in vacaville, los gatos 83, santa rosa 75. yes, you have the sunshine, but that marine layer is becoming more of an impact in our weather. we'll have your seven-day forecast right through the weekend coming up. >> yes, it seemed like a good deal at first. why this vacuum ended up costing a woman $8,000. and how she got out of that order. ,,,,,,,,
federal reserve chairman expressed support for additl stocks shot to record highs today a day after the federal
reserve chairman expressed support for additional monetary stimulus for the u.s. economy. at the close, the dow gained 169 points to 15,460. the s&p up 22 at 1,675. the nasdaq up to 3,578. that's up 57.5 points. a huge breakthrough in one of boston's high-profile cases. cbs reporter teresa garcia with new dna evidence linked to the boston strangler. >> reporter: boston police announced a break thursday in the decades old case of the boston strangler. albert desalvo died in prison in 1973 after confessing to the murders that terrorized the city of boston. 11 women raped and strangled to death between 1962 and 1964. >> that confession has been the subject of skepticism and controversy from almost the moment it was begin. >> reporter: desalvo's confession was thrown out of
court and he was never charged with the killings. he was stabbed to death in prison while serving time on an unrelated case involving armed robberies and sexual assaults but now police say dna evidence will allow them to formally charge desalvo with the murder of the final victim, 19-year- old mary sullivan. last fall, more sophisticated forensic fesses were performed on flew -- tests were performed on flute from sullivan's body and a blank from the crime scene. >> the evidence in the case never changed but the scientific ability to use that evidence has surpassed every hope and expectation of investigators who were first assigned to the case. >> reporter: investigators obtained a water bottle from desalvo's nephew that they say gave them the dna evidence needed to link desalvo to sullivan's murder. a judge signed off on a plan to exhume desalvo's body to confirm the results. >> it's taken 49 years for police to legitimately say they got their man. and they will probably be able
to say that very soon. >> reporter: police expect to exhume desalvo's body sometime this weeks. teresa garcia, kpix 5. >> the boston strangler targeted victims 19 to 85 years old. he would talk his way into the homes of trusting women and then kill them. a jury will consider a lesser charge of manslaughter as well as a second-degree murder charge against accused killer george zimmerman. prosecutors also asked that jurors be allowed to consider a lesser charge of third-degree murder which includes the commission of child abuse. that request drew heated opposition from the defense. >> is the court going to give this any serious contention or consideration? because if so we have a lot of talking to do. we can start with mr. manti dumped all of this on us sometime around 7:30 this morning. there was an email, oh, by the way, we have changed our lesser
included request from aggravated assault to third- degree murder based on child abuse?! >> ultimately the judge ruled that jurors cannot convict zimmerman on a lesser charge of third degree felony murder for the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. the jury of six women is expected to begin deliberations tomorrow. helping homeless veterans get off the streets. ahead, the new effort in one bay area city. >> and a battle over bacon. one restaurant owner's fight to keep his business going despite neighbor complaints and the increasing support behind it. look at 'em.
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today. attorneys uments the trial for another defendant in the richmond high school gang-rape case wrapped up today. attorneys finished their closing arguments for jose montano. kpix 5's da lin tells us authorities consider montano one of the worst offenders in the alleged assault. >> reporter: the prosecutor told the jurors, don't be fooled by the defendant's shirt and tie. he painted jose montano as a monster who raped, tortured and beat the 16-year-old girl in a dark courtyard at richmond high school after she left a homecoming dance in 2009. prosecutor john cope says among the 10 to 20 people who took turns raping the high school sophomore, montano was the worst offender. >> he spreads her legs gets on
top of her after he puts a condom on. >> reporter: the defense attorney says montano is no angel. she admits he climbed on top of the girl while she was beaten unconscious but did not rape her. >> i ask you, however, to find him guilty of what he did and i submit to you that that is sexual battery. >> reporter: which is a much lesser crime than gang-rape. the defense says the witnesses who participated in the gang- rape and testified that they saw montano raping the girl lack credibility because their statements weren't consistent. >> we received a lot of the evidence in this case from a very colorful cast of characters. >> reporter: she says there's not enough solid evidence to tie montano to rape. >> there was no rape in concert. there was no rape. >> reporter: the prosecutor says there's a mountain of evidence including montano's dna on two opened condom wrappers. >> direct perpetrator and an aider and abettor. it's because of what he did that he is guilty. >> reporter: the jury could
return with a verdict as early as next tuesday. if convicted, montano could face life in prison. in martinez, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> two people have already pleaded guilty to gang-rape charges in this case. they were sentenced to long prison terms. montano and a co-defendant marcelles peter are awaiting verdicts. san jose police officers will not n getting a raise. -- will not be getting a raise. a judge sided with mayor reed refusing to store a 10% pay cut put in place two years ago to save money. the judge said giving it back would have resulted in more cuts. the officers are fed up. >> i'm worried. we still have this exodus of officers leaving as you know over the last two years we have averaged 70 resignations. this year we're on pace for that again. >> because fewer officers are on the streets, they say there will continue to be delayed response times to emergency
calls. homeless veterans in san jose have 150 beds to choose from at a new emergency housing facility. it's good news for the hundreds of veterans struggling to put their lives back together in that city. the 8-building site will provide three meals a day, place to live, employment services and counseling. the center opens as a new wave of servicemen from iraq and afghanistan come home. >> the multiple deployments that those veterans have seen in these newer conflicts when they come to us for care, they're needing a higher degree of services than veterans from any other era that have been coming to see us in the past. >> veterans can stay at the facility for up to two years with the hope they can get back on their feet in that time. paul deanno, i think a few people had a 30-minute lunch extended that to 60 minutes. >> i'll be at the beach! >> good place for a sales call if you can work that out. beautiful weather out there today a little cloudy at the coast.
this summertime weather pattern what you typically expect in july is now here. and what would you expect inland would be a truckload full of sunshine from dublin toward mount diablo. highs today not in the 90s or 100s with that stronger onshore flow, you were in the 70s and 80s for most of the day. and this you would expect also in the summertime: cloudy conditions through the golden gate. that onshore flow will be light to moderate for the next several days keeping you cooler and cloudier. in downtown san francisco it's only 58 degrees. but in concord you're at 80. livermore cooler. oakland currently at 65. san francisco cooling down a bit. three straight days with 66 degrees. and monday and tuesday. cooler yesterday, cooler still today. today's high only 61 degrees. i that will be the high for the day. sunrise tomorrow 5:58. mid-50s for lows. fog burns off around lunchtime. there's a battle in the atmosphere. there's a huge ridge of high pressure south and east a big area of low pressure to the north and west.
if the low pressure wins the onshore flow is stronger we're cooler and cloudier. if the high wins, we get more sunshine and higher temperatures. stronger onshore flow more widespread cloud cover tomorrow. but over the weekend high pressure will come in, it will be milder and the clouds will burn off a little earlier, very minor changes. the onshore flow here to stay. a lot of morning low clouds and fog. sunshine in the afternoon with the coast being the exception. highs tomorrow livermore 85. san jose 80. couple of degrees below average. los altos 79. fremont tomorrow 75. san ramon 84. mill valley tomorrow morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, 75. san francisco chilly low 60s. low 90s for lakeport and ukiah. extended forecast, if nothing this forecast is very consistent. 80s inland, 70s near the bay with morning fog an low 60s at the coast. push the repeat button seven
times for seven days. it's summertime. >> it's okay. we'll take. >> a lot of repeat buttons. >> no surprise. >> don't wear it out. city leaders now wading into san francisco's bacon bacon battle. the health department shut down a popular restaurant in the haight back in may. neighbors complained about the constant bacon smell and the huge crowds. bacon bacon now needs a special planning permit to stay in business there. a hearing on that is going on now. >> they wanted to restrict my hours and do a lot of -- put a lot of restraint on my business. i think the city should be putting restraints on my business not neighbors. >> there's a big difference between a deli counter and a bacon restaurant in terms of the crowds that it draws, the smells it produces and the parking impact. >> we have a crew at the hearing and we'll let you know what happens. paying big money for
prescriptions. coming up, how brand name drugmakers are keeping you from buying generic and which common drugs will cost you more. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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20 common drugs used to tre heart disease, cancer and o continues out californians are overpaying 10 times as much for 20 common drugs used to treat heart disease, cancer, other very serious conditions, as well. the california public interest research group calpirg has uncovered the practice known as pay for delay. that's what pharmaceutical companies pay off generic manufacturers to keep lower cost equivalents off the market. >> pay for delay is and he egregious policy driven solely by greed with blatant disregard for consumers who are struggling to, with their doctors, manage their illnesses. >> drugs include tamoxifen, lipitor and others. calpirg said drug companies
made $98 billion while generics were delayed. congress is looking to make the practice illegal. door-to-door sales may be convenient. but some of those products can come at a very high price. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon on the door-to-door deal that was no bargain. reporter: irene peluso's vacuum is cleaning up a storm. it's also cleaning out her bank account. >> we ended up being sweet talked into it. >> reporter: last year, the retiree from madera was visited by two-door-to-door salesmen who she says spent almost two hours convincing her to buy a vortex force vacuum. >> they convinced us that we really had to have this. >> reporter: and the cost? a whopping $4,400. the six-year financing arrangement recommended by one of the salesmen brought it closer to $8,000. >> then i started regretting it that night and shed a lot of
tears. >> reporter: a common reaction from people who buy from door- to-door sellers. the ftc's cooling off rule gives consumers three days to cancel for a full refund and requires salesmen to tell buyers about their cancellation rights at the time of the sale. blighted time irene tried to cancel it was past -- by the time irene tried to cancel, it was past the cancellation window. >> i thought i was stuck with it. >> reporter: not exactly. after a relative intervened and after publicity, the company that distributes the vortex vacuum agreed to cancel the contract. but irene continues to get bills. so consumerwatch stepped in and called the company that financed the deal. aqua financing told us it did not know why the bills kept coming but it promised to stop. it also said irene's credit rating would not be affected. good news for irene, who says next time someone knocks on her door trying to sell her
something, she'll just say no. >> i'm going to say, sorry, not interested. and have a good day, close the door. >> reporter: many counties and cities in california require that door-to-door salesmen have licenses. madera county is one of them. but the office that issues licenses says that the men who visited irene did not have one. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> if you need help with a consumerwatch problem, call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. and we'll be right back. ,, ,,,, ,, ,,,,
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a look back at plane crashe the past. and despite the latest disaster at s-f-o: e's never been a new at 6:00, a look back at plane crashes of the past and despite the latest disaster at sfo, why there's never been a safer time to fly. >> all right. we told you about the bacon restaurant. bacon lovers beware. why experts warn you, you might be paying more soon for pork. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. the royal baby watch is on! media from around the world have gathered outside the private lindo wing at saint mary's hospital in london. that's where the duchess of cambridge is due to give birth any day now. photographers are trying to get a good shot of the entrance. some have put up ladders to try to get the best angle. >> that's your assignment. you're not leaving ever. >> the first pictures of that baby will be worth a fortune. >> the poor mom. not even in labor yet and there's 100 photographers waiting for her. >> the pressure. >> poor lady. >> get used to it. >> thanks for watching.
"cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight a break in the boston strangler case. after 50 years boston police say they have their man. terrell brown ha he breaking story. >> this defendant is lying about what happened. >> pelley: prosecutors in its george zimmerman murder trial make their final argument as the judge gives the jury an option that its defense didn't want. mark strassmann is at the courthousement a cbs news investigation finds drug smugglers set free without arrest. anna werner with a federal agent blowing the whistle. >> i mean every time you do it is a punch in the gut. >> pelley: and young college grads living 22-- 20 to a room. seth doane with what we didn't know about china's economy. >> is this what you imagined the life of a college graduate to be